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Manufacture / Repair

Seats Repair and Overhaul

We breathe new life into aircraft seats, ensuring passengers’ comfort and safety while extending the longevity of essential components. Our modern workshop, close to all London airports, caters for overhaul and repair of all classes of passenger and crew seating for a whole range of aircraft. 

We will undertake an initial seat survey while the seats are still installed on the aircraft, to estimate the scope of work and quantity of spare parts/labour time required. On arrival, seats are stripped and cleaned ready for inspection. Comprehensive breakdowns are provided following the detailed survey. This includes, where necessary, new cushion foams, seats cover replacement, leather trimming and new and/or repaired plastic trim and IFE integration. 

Seats are returned to the customer fully overhauled in pristine condition, with Dual Release Form One certification, together with the latest CMM revisions, SB and AD compliance, Combination Burns Test Certs and any other specific certification documentation.

aircraft seats repair and overhaul for business class

Interior Repairs 

Our technicians’ prowess extends to the meticulous repair of plastic and composite materials within aircraft interiors, ensuring both form and function are preserved. Support can be offered on-wing, at your preferred location, or parts can be sent to the UK workshop for repair and return.

SATTO® Rapid Repair System for Plastics (SA20-21) is the now well-established system for repairing damaged cabin plastics, including toilets, overhead bins, tables and galleys. It fully complies with REACH, MSDS requirements and sets the industry standard for engineering support with two EASA Approved Technical documents. 

Broken or damaged plastic components are repaired with SATTO® SA20-21 wherever possible. Whether a crack or gap, missing edges or even a sheared part it can be SATTO® bonded, prepared, repaired and sent to our paint shop.

For further information on SATTO® products, please visit

SATTO’s SOLLUX Composite Repair System rapidly repairs damage to composite cabin interiors. Commonly, composite damage includes crushed/cracked skins, delamination/blistering on skin due to water ingress, impact damage, chips and scratches and pulled inserts.

SOLLUX provides the all-inclusive versatile system for simple and complex repairs and can be cured in as little as 15 minutes. SOLLUX fully complies with REACH, MSDS requirements and sets the industry standard for engineering support with EASA Approved Technical documents.

Cabinair Services is the UK’s only SATTO® Approved Repair Station. For further information on SATTO® products, please visit

Interior Panel Lamination

Cabinair Services provides a complete refurbishment, covering sidewalls, ceiling panels, overhead bin doors, and monuments.

Our process includes the removal of existing laminate rather than laminating over the existing material. This approach prevents significant additional weight to the panels and allows for potential repairs to the composite structure, ensuring structural integrity and durability.

  • Available for First Class and Business suites
  • Shipsets or single panels
  • Fast turnaround
  • Fully trained, certificated and professional cabin technicians

On-Wing Cabin Support

We offer full on-wing support at any location to suit you to maintain the quality and integrity of aircraft interiors during regular operations. Our transit teams carry out repairs and maintenance to all classes of aircraft seating around the world.

Our highly skilled team of cabin technicians are happy to perform progressive seat and cabin maintenance within routine aircraft downtimes (transit, daily, overnight and A-checks) at a time and place to suit the airline.

SATTO® repair teams of fully trained SATTO® technicians are a part of our transit teams, carrying out plastic and composite repairs to broken or damaged components on aircraft on-site.