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People Policy

Our people are our greatest resource. Cabinair Services are looking for people who share our values and passion for our work. People who share our philosophy of fairness, honesty and respect for each other, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social background, religion and/or beliefs. People who are willing to celebrate diversity.

We invest in our employees, and strive to provide working environments, both here in Hertfordshire and around the world, that are safe, comfortable and appealing to work in. We treat staff as individuals and not only provide ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop and grow skillsets, but we also aim to target personal needs.

We encourage our staff to share their knowledge and create a culture of continuous improvement. We work as a team to turn out work that we are proud of, employing people who are fully engaged and passionate about their work and who are willing to give their personal best.

Cabinair Services is expanding rapidly. If you would like to become part of the Cabinair Services team, email with your CV.

People Policy for Cabinair Services 

The organisation will endeavour to attract and retain the best talent available. To do this we make sure we employ the right people to deliver our business plans. We do this through a policy of fair and open recruitment, compliant with local laws. We then nurture them, developing their confidence, helping them identify and build on their strengths and making the most of their growth potential.

We believe our people should embody our values at all times, within a culture of strong individual and team performance. We want every member of our group to be engaged – excited by their role in our success. We’ll achieve this through effective leadership, fair reward, and listening to our employees, before acting on what they tell us. Naturally, we also make sure we meet local employment legislation, regulatory requirements and group wide policies as a minimum.

Our employment process is fair and we pride ourselves on ensuring that prospective employees are vetted to ensure that we employ only those who do not have a persuasive influence on future contracts, so that our standing within our supply chain is not considered monopolising. With this in mind, the SA Group do not employ former government officials or employees.

Our People Principles

The organisation has a set of people principles which underpin our vision and everything we do for our employees. You will see these principles demonstrated through all of our policies and procedures and the way in which we treat one another.

Good Conditions of Employment

Our people contribute to the success of the organisation and should therefore be rewarded accordingly, sharing in its progress and profitability. People should enjoy coming to work and deserve a high standard of working environment. We have a proud heritage of innovation, of bringing new products and technology to the market at amazing value. We’re proud that we do business ethically and responsibly and we care about the world, our customers and colleagues and the communities we work amongst.

Everyone Counts

People should be treated as individuals with respect and honesty. It’s easy to get lost in a large organisation and feel that you are ‘just a small fish in a large pond’. The secret is to remember that each one of us is a unique and valuable part of this organisation. Relationships run more smoothly when people are valued as individuals in their own right whatever their differences. Policies are for everyone but their application works best when they are considered on an individual basis, with respect for personal circumstances and in strict confidence.

Good Communications

We aim to create an environment where communications between everyone are open and honest, in all areas and at every level. Real involvement in business objectives depends on good communication between all employees. We believe this is very important so that information and ideas can be freely and easily exchanged. Regular meetings, both formal and informal, may be used to discuss Company information and everyone’s contribution is essential.

Continuous Development

In order to achieve success for employees and for the organisation, we want people to strive to incorporate leading standards into all areas of their personal behaviour and work performance. The organisation provides a wide range of learning, development and educational opportunities to enable people to ‘grow and prosper’ with the Company. Learning is integral to the changing world in which we live and work. All employees, at every level and in whatever job, should strive constantly to do better whilst providing support and encouragement to their colleagues to do the same.