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Vanema partners with Cabinair Services

Thanks to the partnership with Vanema, Cabinair Services aims to reinvigorate Economy passenger air craft seats with Octaspring technology across the retro-fit market on a global scale.

Working closely in collaboration with the engineers at Cabinair Services, Vanema combined its extensive expertise to develop a design that offered the same dynamic level of support with a flexible formula easily adaptable to a range of aircraft seat models. The patented award-winning Octaspring aerospace technology has become synonymous with sustainability and thanks to its innovative qualities, not only infuses our new retro-fit market model with the same sumptuous support but with sustainable benefits that will transform the nature of cabin interior refurbishments.

With planes undergoing refurbishments every 5-8 years, the nature of our Octaspring open spring structure is essential in delivering a sustainable solution, with technology that uses 50% less raw materials. As a result, the seat itself is 30% lighter and therefore produces half the amount of emissions than that of regular seat alternatives. Every retro-fitted Octaspring Cabinair Services seat contributes to a phenomenal overall weight-saving, helping to reduce fuel consumption, saving up to US$5000 per aircraft per year on long haul routes, in addition to cutting CO2 emissions by 46 tonnes.

Using less material to create the same contouring comfort means that Cabinair Services can offer Retro-fit solutions for a price that doesn’t cost the earth in more ways the one, allowing airlines to affordably enhance the Economy class comfort experience and protect the planet.

Additionally, this new comfort collaboration offers airlines an update to their existing aircraft that delivers advanced air ventilation thanks to Octaspring’s 8 x naturally more breathable structure that also delivers 3-dimensional point adaptive body zoned comfort customising to each passenger’s unique body shape and weight, taking passenger comfort to a whole new level.

The solution has already received required Flammability approvals and thanks to our EASA 21J and EASA 21G approval in house we can provide to the airline the full package.

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